Pudding Perks

Welcome to Pudding Perks, our rewards program for customers of The Pudding Co. By shopping with us, you can earn points on every purchase that can be used towards discounts on future orders. As a member, you'll also have access to exclusive promotions and deals. Thank you for choosing The Pudding Co for all your pudding and sweet treat needs. Happy shopping!

To login to your Pudding Perks account, just click the 'rewards' button in the bottom left corner of any page.

On desktop:

On mobile:

You can either login using your Pudding Co account details if you have set one up (email address and password), or you can enter your email address and be sent a magic link to login.

Once logged in, the menu will show you current points, and you can manage your account and view ways to earn and redeem points.

Earning points:

You can earn points and rewards in a number of ways:

  1. Ordering Puddings! For every order you place, you will earn 4 points for every £ you spend, as simple as that!
  2. Celebrate your birthday! If you've entered your date of birth into your account, we will give you 500 bonus points on your birthday!
  3. Like our page on Facebook and get 50 points!
  4. Signup - we'll give you 200 points just for signing up!
  5. Share our website on Facebook and we'll give you 50 points!
  6. Share our website on Twitter and we'll give you 50 points!
  7. Refering a friend - from the Pudding Perks menu, scroll down and copy your referral link, you can share it online, or send it to a friend directly. When your friend uses the link, they will get £1 off, and you will also get a £1 discount for everyone that uses it!

Redeeming points:

You can redeem points and exchange them for discount codes that you can use against future orders.

There are currently three options for redeeming points, but they can change over time.

  1. Exchange 100 points for a free slush!
  2. Exchange 100 points for a free delivery!
  3. Exchange 100 points for £1 off discount code, you can exchange as many points as you like at any one time to get multiple £ off, eg, 1000 points will get you a £10 discount.


  1. How do I earn points with The Pudding Co's Pudding Perks program?

You can earn points by making purchases on our website. For every pound spent, you will earn 4 points. You can also earn points by participating in promotions and referring friends to our website.

  1. How can I redeem my points?

You can redeem your points by exchanging them for discount codes that can be used at checkout.

  1. How can I check my points balance?

You can check your points balance by logging into your account on our website and clicking on the 'Rewards' button in the bottom left corner.

  1. Do my points expire?

No, your points will not expire as long as you have an active account with us.

  1. Can I use my points in combination with other promotions or discounts?

No, only one discount code can be used at a time.

  1. Can I transfer my points to another person or account?

No, points cannot be transferred to another person or account.